Removal of ferrous particles ensures safe agricultural products and feed materials and protects processing machinery from damage.

Metallic particles that may accidentally appear in corn, vegetables, fodder and other agricultural commodities are undesirable for a number of reasons. First and foremost, products must be kept pure in order for their quality to meet the standards for safe food and animal feed material. Another, no less vital reason, is the protection of equipment, such as food extruders, mixers, mills and crushers, pellet lines or grinding mills.

We create solutions for customers working in the field of production of feed for livestock and domestic animals, production of post-harvest lines, processing of grain, vegetables, potatoes, beet, transport of loose products and filling of Big Bags, transport and processing of coffee beans, seeds, legume, oil crops, nuts, rice, etc.

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 Magnets for Safe Feed Material and Agricultural Crops

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Plate magnets remove ferromagnetic particles during the processing of various agricultural crops. They may be suspended above a conveyor, off the end of the conveyor or below the transport route.

Cascade magnets are suitable for removing ferromagnetic particles from a wide variety of materials such as corn grains, fodder mixtures or cocoa beans.


Pipe magnets are used in vertical transport routes. They are used as damage prevention for moulding machines, crushers and other machinery or for improving the end product by removing undesirable metallic particles.