We Support

We regularly help non-profit organizations and support projects in our area.

Magdaléna o.p.s. Mníšek pod Brdy

The therapeutic community of the Magdaléna Beneficial Society is located on the site of a former military base on the hill Včelník near Mníšek pod Brdy. It provides treatment to clients for whom a "complete reconstruction of life" in the form of a year-long stay is often the only way to overcome addiction and return to normal life. We help with financial donations and participate in organized fundraisers.

Municipal Library Mníšek pod Brdy

We have already twice helped to expand the range of titles in the Municipal Library in Mníšek pod Brdy. The books were selected by the library staff according to the current interest of the visitors and WAMAG provided the funding. Reading books promotes brain activity, helps against stress, improves memory, increases vocabulary and helps education. That's why we think this support makes sense too. We were delighted to be thanked.

Private children's home SOS 92

Through the collection of employees and a financial donation from WAMAG we contributed to the operation of the Private Children's Home SOS92., z. ú., Korkyně-non-profit organization. Up to 20 children can live there, divided into 3 family groups. Each group lives in a separate family house or apartment in a regular housing estate in Dobris. The aim is to work together with the children "as a family". Source: www.ddkorkyne.cz

REMOBIL project - waste as a resource

We took part in the REMOBIL project. Three times we collected unwanted mobile phones and the box for electrical equipment after their useful life has constant place in our company. As part of the project, CZK 10 from each recycled mobile phone goes to charitable causes, for example, the Jedličkův Institute. Reusing raw materials and valuable metals from old mobile phones saves natural resources and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

Charity Starý Knín

Charity Starý Knín is a religious legal entity focused on helping people in need. It has been operating since 1 March 1993 within a nationwide network of parish, regional and diocesan charities. Its main focus is on the provision of social services. We have participated in the purchase of a vehicle for the field care service - care for the elderly and disabled and we contribute financial resources.