We take care of our customers before and after the delivery of our devices. We assess the customer's technological equipment, assist the customer in putting our devices into operation, check and measure the magnetic system. The customer is thus fully familiarised with our solution.

Proposal of Technological Solution and Testing of Samples

We will assess your technology, test samples of material and send you an evaluation and proposed solution.

We will test the demagnetising of your products and components and find the source of magnetisation directly on-site in your production facility. For large forgings, we can perform demagnetisation directly on location

Inspection, Measurement, Maintenance

We will inspect and measure your magnetic system or metal detector. We can keep an eye on the date of regular inspections for you and come at a prearranged time and date. Contact us

Performing timely maintenance and identifying parts that need a replacement is important in all branches of industry. Doing so extends the service life of machinery and prevents sudden malfunctions, saving both your time and money.

Leases for Trial Runs

We can lend you a test magnetic separator, demagnetiser, metal detector or magnetic grippers for you to try out in the real conditions of your plant.

Testing Centre

We have access to not only our facility at WAMAG, but also a testing centre at Goudsmit. We can thus assess material samples on a wide variety of lab and pilot plant machinery.

These include, in particular, separators for non-ferrous materials (eddy current), drum separators, overband separators and polygradient and high-intensity systems. The aim is to choose the best solution possible for the customer and familiarise them with the capabilities of our machines.

General terms and conditions, waranty

We solve bussines terms and warranty conditions with our customers individually during the quotation already.  We can provide customers with a guarantee for the quality of the magnetic separators that we manufacture for a period of 24 months and 10 years for the magnetic system or agree on other conditions if required.