Is your business focused on recycling?

Do you transform waste into a source of valuable materials? Do you design recycling lines? We can aid you with metal separation solutions.

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Do you have the quality of your product fully under control?

Undesirable metallic particles can contaminate the product and endanger the health of the consumer. We can help you find a solution.


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Member of the International Goudsmit Magnetics Group

We are a strategic partner in the field of solutions for magnetic separation of primary and secondary raw materials.

We design and produce high-quality magnetic systems for sorting metals, recycling, handling, transport, lifting, holding and demagnetising in various branches of industry.

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machines produced for recycling in 2017


series of magnetic systems used for our solutions


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Separation and Detection of Primary and Secondary Materials

Beneficiation of raw materials during the processing of ores and mineral materials. Efficient recovery of valuable metals from waste.


Protection of Technologies and Improvement of Product Value

Protection of technological equipment. Monitoring of purity of materials and products. Reduction in operating costs.


Magnetic Handling – Transport, Lifting, Holding

A method of transporting, lifting and fastening ferromagnetic parts, plates and components that is both safe for the user and gentle to the product.



Removal of undesirable residual magnetism.


Hard Magnetic Materials

Permanent magnets. Remain permanently magnetic once magnetised. Do not require an external energy source to create a magnetic field.



Eddy Current Separator Locust

Eddy Current Separator Locust

8. 8. 2018
The Eddy Current separator (or the EC separator) has an irreplaceable function in recycling valuable materials such as copper, aluminium or brass. The LOCUST machine represents the newest addition to our range of Eddy Current separators with a number of design and technological improvements.
Invitation for automatica 2018 trade fair

Invitation for automatica 2018 trade fair

17. 6. 2018
Our colleagues from the Goudsmit Magnetics Group will take part in the automatica 2018 trade fair in Munich (Hall 6, Stand 230) on June 19 - 22. Automatica is the world's leading automation and robotics trade fair. Visitors can see a wide range of robots, mounting systems, machine vision systems and other components.