Protection of Technologies and Improvement of Product Value

Protection of technological equipment. Monitoring of purity of materials and products. Reduction in operating costs.

A random metal object in the material can destroy expensive technological equipment such as a crusher, mill, extruder or pellet die. The solution is installing a magnetic separator or metal detector which will eliminate undesirable particles and keep your machinery safe.

Undesirable metallic impurities can also endanger perfect quality and purity of the final product and the good name of your company. Large or small metallic particles such as clips, nails from packaging, bolts and nuts loosened by vibrations, particles abraded off of moving parts or mills and rust would contaminate your product during manufacturing. Without eliminating such particles, high costs may be incurred by having to withdraw a batch from production or a product from the market or by damaging the health of the end user. All this can be avoided by the use of a magnetic separator.  

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We will help you protect expensive technologies from destruction 

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This is what can happen to a die should you not protect it from undesired ferrous objects by a magnet. 

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