Installation of a Metal Detector and Electromagnetic Separator – Brown Coal Power Plant

Combination of metal detector and electromagnetic separator protects coal crushers and prevents breakdowns.

Machine type:   SZEB160009 – overband electromagnetic separator

Parameters:    dimensions 4,900 × 2,440 × 1,160 mm, weight 11,350 kg, belt width 1,600 mm,
capacity 3,000 tun/h


Separator in continuous 24-hour operation removes undesirable ferrous particles and protects coal crushers from destruction. Can collect ferrous particles from large random iron pieces such as loosened conveyor rollers to small particles down to a size of 3 mm. The separator works in synergy with an advance metal detector which indicates the presence of ferrous particles and sends a signal for immediate increase of strength of the magnetic field (so-called overboost).

The initial investment brings significant long-term savings in the form of well-protected equipment and limits the risk of downtimes due to damaged machinery.

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