Brucite production - protection of equipment

Brucite production - protection of crusher and sorter against the demage by accidental metal particle. Increased value of the end product.

Machine type:   SCRA3030011 – Cleanflows manual cleaning - Rotating

Parameters:    capacity - 24 m³/h, IP65, 10 700 Gauss


Brucite is a mineral form of the magnesium metal and a source of magnesia. Due to a complicated processing system all chemical plants need a lot of metal protection stages. Brucite plant is not an exception. Wearing of milling and sorting equipment can cause a big losses. But what is more important is a stoppage in continuous production. According to some calculations one sudden production stop can cost as one simple filter. The other thing is that consumers of raw goods have raised their requirements for cleanness of product.

Our idea was to install solid and reliable filter system on the discharge of vibrating screen lines.  After long industrial test on one unit customer have decided to install rotating filters on each line (4 total). The next project is an expansion of the plant where we also are going to participate.

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