Maize free from undesirable iron impurities

Permanent drum magnetic separator removes undesirable ferromagnetic impurities from the maize. The protection of technology.

Machine type: SRTK100054 – permanent magnetic drum separator in housing, basic type

Parameters: dimensions 1,777 × 775 × 835 mm (w x h x d), weight 700 kg, magnetic system - permanent ferrite magnet with Neoflux® flux control, degree of protection IP 54, minnimum Fe particle size can be caught is 0,5 mm


Removing undesirable iron impurities from the maize in the maize mill new production line with the capacity 60 t/h of maize intake. 

The permanent drum magnet works in the continous operation 24/7 only with breaks for the service and inspection. More technical details for type SRTK100054 you can find here. The trapped iron particles are cleaned fully automatically. 

Our client is very satisfied because the magnetic separation process works perfectly. This company exports their products to all European Union countries. 

Drum magnets separators are used very often for the removing of iron particles from bulk materials for the protection of technology against demage by random ferromagnetic particles in the food industry and also for improvement of the final products. 

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