Cascade Magnetic Separators

Removal of ferromagnetic particles from large volumes of material in vertical transport routes. Protection of technologies, increase in product value.

Branches: agriculturefood | processing of minerals

Cascade separators are suitable for removing ferromagnetic particles from a wide variety of materials such as corn grains, fodder mixtures or cocoa beans. They are designed for vertical transport routes. They protect technological equipment from destruction by random ferrous objects. They assist in ensuring safety of food and fodder by ridding them of ferrous pollutants to protect the health of the consumer. Permanent magnets are stored in a cascade pattern outside the elbowed piping in two or three cascade stages, thus achieving a high separation yield. The collected material is removed either manually or by an electric-pneumatic system with option for automatic control. The pipe route of self-cleaning systems is fitted with an outlet for the magnetic fractions.

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