Chute Magnets

Removal of ferromagnetic particles from free-falling raw materials or materials transported in chutes. Protection of technologies and increase in product value.

Branches: agriculture | food | processing of minerals | chemical

This line of plate magnets is used primarily for processing free-falling loose materials or raw materials transported in vertical pipes or chutes. The chute angle must not exceed 45° from the vertical. Plate magnets in chute routes are a simple solution for removing ferrous particles (between 60 μm and 5 mm). Their installation is easy and they bring good separation results. Can be installed into existing transport routes. Cleaning is done either manually by wiping (using protective gloves) or semi-automatically by turning the extractor plate away from the magnet (plate magnet with extractor). Ferrous particles will fall off the surface of the extractor once they are a sufficient distance away from the magnet.

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