Magnetic Filters

Removal of ferromagnetic and weakly magnetic particles from liquids and powder mixtures. Increased value of the end product.

Branches: food | processing of minerals | chemical | pharmaceutical

Magnetic filters filter ferromagnetic pollutant particles as well as weakly magnetic particles such as stainless steel residues from liquids or powders that are being transported under pressure.

Powerful neodymium magnetic rods located in the product stream can filter even the smallest steel particles under 30 µm and weakly magnetic parts (stainless steel). These extremely fine particles are so small even a metal detector will not reveal their presence.

The filters are specifically designed for the food industry and the ceramics industry. For instance, our double-walled magnetic filter uses hot water to ensure materials such as chocolate remain liquid to prevent them from coagulating on the magnetic rods.

Special hygienic variants of magnetic filters are finely polished and surface-treated on the interior surface to prevent bacteria from gathering. Designs in accordance with EHEDG standards available. 

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