Magnetic Grids and Grates

Removal of ferromagnetic particles from powder mixtures and granulates. Increased value of the end product.

Magnetic grid and grate separators will find use in separating undesirable ferromagnetic particles from powder mixtures and fine granulates with maximum particle sizes of 10 mm. They assist in ensuring quality control of the final product.

Permanent magnets are assembled into rod-shaped magnetic systems. They are made of ferrite magnets or magnets based on rare-earth elements NdFeB with high magnetic force values. Magnets can be encased from the outside in a quality stainless casing. Cleaning can be facilitated by the use of extractors made of special thin-walled stainless tubes. Cleaning can be done manually or automatically with connection to a sequence programmer.

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Branches: processing of minerals | food | agriculture | chemical

Detailed product specifications

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