Magnetic Sheet Separators

Separation of steel sheets, simple delivery for further processing. Protection of follow-up technologies and the hands of the operator.

Branches: metalworking | automotive | food industry 

Magnetic sheet separators are used for loosening and separating sticky and greasy steel sheets. In addition, they protect equipment from damage by preventing accidental removal of multiple sheets at the same time in automated plants. They can be used for separating ferromagnetic sheets with thickness of up to 4 mm, in practically any shape, length and width – circular and asymmetrical shapes, caps and lids.

The separation principle is based on inducing a magnetic charge of the same polarity on the ends of neighbouring sheets. Magnetic poles with the same polarity repel each other, resulting in separation of the sheets. Induction is created by placing the sheets between the poles of permanent magnets, usually ferrites. We also manufacture separators from neodymium magnets. These are stronger and are mainly used for separating greasy, perforated or sticky sheets.

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