Magnetic Slide Conveyors

Transport of smaller sharp and oiled steel components and parts.

Branches: metalworking

Magnetic slide conveyors are an elegant solution for transporting sharp and oiled steel parts. The conveyor smoothly transports metal waste after cutting, scraps from pressing, nails and chips created during machining of metals. Particularly when used for transporting sharp steel parts, the conveyors have the advantage of having no moving parts such as a plastic conveyor belt that would be in contact with the transported material. At first glance, the metal parts move along a stationary stainless sliding plate seemingly spontaneously. The invisible force is created by magnets that operate below the plate and move the metal parts along. The conveyors require very little room for installation, are dust- and water-proof and can be used to transport oiled or abrasive products. We will assess your application and choose a suitable type.

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