Magnets with External Poles

Removal of ferromagnetic materials from free-falling raw material in pipelines. Protection of technologies, increased product value.

Branches: agriculture | food | processing of minerals | recycling

Magnets with external poles filter ferromagnetic particles such as iron and steel in sizes from 50 μm to 50 mm from powdery and granulated materials transported in vertical pipelines. Used for separation of loose materials, in the animal feed, plastics, ceramics and recycling industries and more. Magnets with external poles are very robust. Their advantage lies in their placement outside the product channel so that the material can fall freely. This allows processing large volumes of material while minimising its arching. Our assortment includes versions with ferrite or neodymium magnets.

Captured contaminants can be easily removed from permanent systems by tilting out the magnetic core which is attached to the door on a swivelling mechanism. Electromagnetic systems can be fitted with a flap which will divert the released particles after the magnet is de-energised. 

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