MagVacu® Combi Grippers

Gripping and lifting of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic sheets. Use of a combination of magnetic force and vacuum.

Branches: metalworking | automotive

The MagVacu® Combi system enables the handling of aluminium and steel sheets with thickness of up to 12 mm. The solution is suitable even for stainless and perforated steel sheets. There is no need to change the handling components for different materials, which enables automatically operated handling of a wide range of products. This integrated system is also twice as powerful and safe as standard vacuum systems. The magnet holds the steel sheet on a vacuum suction cup and ensures tight and precise contact. This eliminates air leakage around the edges of the cup, which could otherwise appear in standard vacuum handling devices during contact with corrugated surfaces.

The system is simple, without wear and tear, and thus maintenance-free.  It is commonly used in automated processes for laser machine tools, robotic punch presses and pressurised transport systems in the automotive industry and for industrial processing of sheet metal.

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