Pipe Magnets

Protection of technological equipment, increased product value. For loose products in vertical transport routes.

Pipe magnets are used as damage prevention for moulding machines, crushers, mixers and other machinery or for improving the end product by removing undesirable metallic particles.

Circular permanent magnets are located at the centre of the pipe so that the material flows around them.

The magnet with trap for collecting magnetic impurities can be easily taken out of the pipe –captured magnetic contaminants can be easily removed from permanent systems by tilting out the magnetic core which is attached to the door on a swivelling mechanism. Electromagnetic systems can be fitted with a flap which will divert the released particles after the magnet is de-energised. We also offer implementations in accordance with ATEX - Ex II 1/2D for environments with risk of explosion.

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Branches: agriculture | food | processing of minerals | pharmaceutical

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