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Presenting the Design Manual

The appearance of the WAMAG logo shows what we are like. Open, friendly, professional and tightly bound to magnetism. We chose blue to draw a parallel with the colour of our planet, which many of our magnetic systems help to protect. The pictogram also represents Earth and highlights its magnetic poles. Inside lies the abbreviation for WAMAG, the letters WM, depicted as electromagnetic winding.

Primary Logo

The basic colour version of the logo is a key feature of our corporate design. It represents one of our design's most visible features and is the preferred version for all corporate materials. A black-and-white inverse variant of the logo is also possible, for instance in a brochure with colour background.

Minimum Protection Zone

Minimum size was chosen so that the logo can be correctly reproduced in smaller sizes. When using technologies with lower print quality (e.g. screen printing), we recommend using a larger sized logo. If possible, leave more free space around the logo than what the protection zone provides.

Secondary Logo Appearance

The colour version of the logo in portrait format is a derived variant of the landscape format logotype. It is used anywhere where the default landscape format variant of the logo cannot be used for proportional reasons. The logo should be principally used in the basic coloured version. A black-and-white inverse variant of the logo is also possible, for instance in a brochure with colour background. 


Symbolises the magnetic field of our planet and of WAMAG machines, which indirectly help protect Earth. Also refers to our international scope of activity. Inside the globe, you can see the company initials WM, which also symbolise the winding of a coil (the core of electromagnetic separators). By combining magnetism and entrepreneurship, we contribute to protecting the Earth's environment and the health of consumers.


We chose blue to draw a parallel to the blue colour of our planet. Blue is also the colour of innovation. Colour is the basic and most powerful tool in creating or expressing mood or feelings.

Colours bring a brand to life. They highlight, enliven, freshen and soften. They change the mundane into the unique.

Typography (Fonts)

Corporate font is one of the basic components of our visual style and helps us create unique and consistent appearance for our documents. The primary font must be used in all printed materials, in communication, and ideally also on websites and in online communication.