Our Team

Meet our team of employees that will handle your orders.


Jan, David, Petr and Jiří are our experts on magnetic systems in a wide range of industries. They will assess your issue, test product samples and design a suitable solution. Petra and Lucie take care of order processing, from entering orders into the ERP system, through assistance in constructing and manufacturing and cooperation with our Dutch partner, to dispatching and invoicing. They keep track of your order status.


Technical data and drawings for sales and production purposes are prepared by a team of experienced designers Petr, Emil and Petr led by Vašek. Their work is varied. They can adapt standard equipment to a non-standard solution. To verify magnetic values, they use gained knowledge as well as the PC OPERA program for calculating magnetic fields. They cooperate with customers at the drawing stage where 3D machine models are available in the STEP format. 

Inovation, development

Product innovation is an integral part of designer´s work so that they can meet demanding customer requirements and working conditions even better. In cooperation with sales and production, new machines are being developed that bring technical and financial benefits to customers. 


Production is the most crucial section of WAMAG. Construction drawings and models materialise here. That is why most of our employees work in this section, and we are grateful for their expertise and wide experience in machining, welding and assembly. The entire production section is managed by Jaroslav with the help of the planner, purchasing officer and ERP KARAT to ensure smooth operation.


In WAMAG, there is a specific workplace called “feritárna” where powerful magnetising equipment supplies our machines with proper magnetic values. The magnetization of entire magnetic systems by experienced colleagues Vašek and Petr brings higher quality and faster production.

Magnets must be handled very carefully, their strength is not visible at first sight. Watch the video.

Assembly, final inspection

The production process is completed at the assembly. Colleagues Jarda, Petr and Jirka assemble the machines, test the functionality, measure the magnetic values and perform the final inspection. This is followed by packaging to match the magnetic systems and shipping to the customer. The entire production system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2016.


WAMAG considers the company’s human aspect one of the most critical areas. Zlata takes care of it. She will respond to your application for a vacancy, assist you in joining the company, arrange adequate training and support your personal and professional development. She is also part of the management and takes care about HR strategic areas.


Katka is an expert on marketing. She takes care of the website and provides for the WAMAG presentation at exhibitions and in professional journals. She prepares information about news in our product range, successful business cases and the company’s life. She will be in touch with you if you want to write about us or use our logo.