Demagnetisation Tunnels

Removal of undesirable residual magnetism from thin-walled products, materials with irregular surfaces, medium-heavy and heavy products.

Branches: metalworking | automotive | processing of minerals

Demagnetisation tunnels are demagnetisation coils used for demagnetising ferromagnetic materials. They rid these materials of residual magnetism, which would otherwise cause problems during further processing.

Various types of objects for demagnetisation require tunnels with different shapes, such as rectangular for long, thin-walled objects and materials with irregular surfaces or circular for pipes and ball bearings, etc. The size of the product affects the choice between low-frequency tunnel (thick-walled, robust steel products – rails, shafts, pressing tools or moulds) or high-frequency tunnel (thin-walled products).

The tunnels can be combined with a roller conveyor or belt conveyor for automated processes.

The tunnels are also used for demagnetising magnetite or ferrosilicon before returning them to the beneficiation process. 

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