Separator of Non-ferrous Metals (Eddy Current) Locust - NEW

Continuous separation of valuable non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals from smaller volumes of material. Increased value of secondary raw materials.

Branches: recycling | processing of minerals

Locust non-ferrous metal separator is our latest machine for processing medium and small volumes of material. It separates valuable non-magnetic metals such as copper, aluminium or brass.

It will find application in waste incineration plants during slag separation, recycling of glass or plastics or biomass separation. The separator's special, fully stainless design makes it suitable for use in waste sorting in nuclear power plants. 

Locust's strengths lie in a number of structural, technological and design improvements. It is a compact and user-friendly piece of machinery. The machine's visually and technically compact housing is designed to simplify installation and servicing while respecting the comfort and safety of the operator. Another advantage of Locust is the inclusion of several elements for ease of handling and installation. Controls for the vibratory feeder, rotor and separating partition wall are easily accessible. Take a look at our video to see Locust's functions and advantages.

LOCUST operates on the basis of eddy currents. The core of the machine consists of a magnetic rotor made of extra strong neodymium magnets. The rotor itself is placed inside a non-magnetic drum. All conductive particles that pass through the magnetic field created by the rotor are magnetised for a brief moment and are repelled from the material stream by the effects of repulsive forces. Setting the rotor at different angles relative to the drum allows adjusting the impact zone for the repulsed particles. Separation efficiency is dependent on correct placement of the partition wall based on the type and volume of processed material.

LOCUST is delivered in modular arrangement so that it can be easily integrated into a wide variety of recycling lines and plants. It is available in 3 standard sizes and can be further customised based on the client's needs. All parts can be modified and fitted with suitable accessories such as dust extraction, PLC controls, etc.

Need to separate non-ferrous metals? We will test samples of your material and find the right solution for you.

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